Striking differences in Minnetrista council candidates

I picked up literature from all three candidates and noticed something profoundly different about them. The flyers from the “Our Minnetrista” supported incumbents Pam Mortenson and John Tschumperlin have all the political platitudes expected on a flyer but don’t give any insight into how they make decisions about matters that come before the council. Who doesn’t support our police and fire services, road maintenance, and promise to listen to residents?

Balgaard flyer small
Flyer prepared and paid for by Elroy Balgaard for City Council, PO Box 103, Minnetrista, MN 55359

I was struck by the difference in Elroy Balgaard’s flyer that actually declared his core, fundamental principles and values: His support of private property rights, determination to stop wasteful spending and debt growth that drive up taxes, and putting an end to the conflict of interests of special vendor relationships at city hall.

As a city council member I know how difficult it can be to stand on principle. I’m not very popular with the tax & spend “Our Minnetrista” crowd, staff or mayor. I suspect Mr. Balgaard won’t be either but he’s the only candidate running that isn’t afraid to say what he thinks and he proved that at the candidate forum last Thursday.

incumbent flyers



Were candidate forum questions given to incumbents ahead of time?

Were the League of Women Voters candidate forum questions given ahead of time to incumbents? It certainly appears that way. Watch the two clips below and decide for yourself. I can assure you they were not provided to challenger Elroy Balgaard. Also note how the questions were designed specifically for incumbents starting off with eliciting gratuitous praise of current council members.

Mortenson indicates a question will be coming up:

Mortenson again knew the question was coming up:

It appeared answers were memorized and rehearsed rather than extemporaneous. Residents want to know who candidates are, not how well they can memorize “Our Minnetrista” scripted responses.