Minnetrista Mayoral campaign signs stolen

Example, not actual Minnetrista theft

To the thieves who took my campaign signs that don’t believe in fair elections, the 1st Amendment or law and order: You have clearly demonstrated the need to elect someone that does. Stealing¬† campaign signs shows a complete disrespect for our election laws as well as the 1st Amendment rights of property owners to display support for the candidate(s) of their choice.

This malicious act only serves to motivate me more than ever to work hard and win in November!

I hope blog followers and supporters will consider helping to cover the sign replacement costs. I need your help. $900 is needed this week so I can order more signs and posts and get them placed again before the end of the month. Please help if you’re able by donating below:¬†

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Thank you for your support!

County and city officials confirmed today they did not remove any of the signs. If anyone has information about these thefts or witnesses future ones please contact the Minnetrista police department where the case is under investigation: police@ci.minnetrista.mn.us

UPDATE 7/17/2020 – Thanks to a witness that came forward and identified a truck and two adult males taking the signs we have recovered most of the signs and are investigating the incident. My campaign is seeking damages to replace the signs so anyone that donated because of this post and would like their donation returned please email: sbruce@ShannonBruceForMayor.com.


Fake Facebook accounts…hmm

I discovered 39 fake “Shannon Bruce” Facebook accounts today (that weren’t there last week) and reported them all to Facebook this morning. All were identical but set up with a different id#. If anyone sees any Facebook posts appearing to come from me that they suspect may be “fake” please let me know as we investigate who is behind this. Thank you!

fake shannon bruce fb accountsfake accounts

Minnetrista on top 10 list of safest MN cities, but will we stay there?

We learned at our council meeting Monday night that Minnetrista is #6 on the list of top 10 safest cities in Minnesota according to the FBI’s uniform crime report analyzed here. Aside from an error in our population count (shows we’re over 10,000) the analysis confirms why people want to live in Minnetrista and being safe is up there on everyone’s list.

One of the reasons for our low crime rate is the fact our population is spread out over a large geographical area and we don’t have the density that’s found in cities with higher crime rates. Our population is more educated and our median home values are higher than many of the cities lower on the list. Our public safety department does a great job too.

bad guyLet’s hope Minnetrista can resist the pressures of unelected influences (Met Council, League of Minnesota Cities, MN Dept of Housing) pushing for higher density housing in Minnesota cities that will most assuredly affect not only our crime rate but our traffic volume as well. Minnetrista doesn’t have many options for accommodating more traffic as our land is constrained by lakes and waterways with new or widened routes being all but impossible. High density housing, crime and traffic are things to avoid, not invite.

Minnetrista is a special place, a safe place to raise a family where most people feel comfortable taking an evening walk down a trail without a can of mace in their hand. That could all change.