Meeting residents in Woodland Cove

I have been door knocking in Woodland Cove these past few days with Minnetrista city council candidate Ann MacGregor and finding most people we’ve talked with already know they have another great city council candidate as their neighbor in Woodland Cove, Cathleen Reffkin. Ms. Reffkin is well known as being active in the Woodland Cove HOA, her local church and Westonka Schools where her children attend.

Cathleen Reffkin, Minnetrista city council candidate

Woodland Cove residents are excited to support someone from their development to be on the city council and happy to see a new face with business savvy and impressive credentials. A graduate of the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management Reffkin holds a degree in Marketing and Insurance & Risk Management. Her work in that field helped her to develop, she says, “an understanding of how policy and risk management intersect. Another key skill I gained while working in insurance is the ability to bring people who have disparate, and often competing, interests together to compromise for mutual benefit.”

As a mother of three young children Reffkin is plugged in to our community’s schools and her approach to problem solving is a great example to them all, which is to do something rather than complain. “I am seeking office so I can make positive changes…I want our residents to have a beautiful place to live, work, and raise their families.”

Cathleen Reffkin Facebook:

Council candidate caught on camera (0:56 sec)

There are two city council seats up for election in Minnetrista and three candidates  on the ballot competing for them. It appears current council member Mike Molitor will not be running again which is too bad. Although we didn’t always agree on everything he had a mind of his own and I respect that.

Returning trust and integrity to city hall is what this election is about but the following video is an example of what we’ve had in the past. The person in the video is one of the three candidates for city council, Damian Young, who is currently serving on Minnetrista’s Planning Commission.

The clips below were taken from a Minnetrista City Council Meeting during a hearing on the licensing and regulation of golf carts. Mr. Young was in support of regulating and licensing golf carts and was trying to convince the council that, not only was he in favor of the ordinance, but the Planning Commission was in favor of it as well. In spinning his tale he had forgotten I had attended the Planning Commission meeting he was referring to.

Minnetrista needs elected officials that don’t resort to deception to achieve their goals. We’ve seen enough of that in Minnetrista.

Below are the websites and Facebook pages for Minnetrista council candidates:

Ann MacGregor
Facebook: MacGregor for Council @MinnetristaCouncil2020

Cathleen Reffkin
Facebook: Reffkin for Minnetrista City Council @reffkinminnetristacitycouncil

Damian Young
No campaign website or Facebook page as of 8/12/2020

“Minnetristagate” Update

MinnetristagateI’ve received a lot of inquiries about the status of the Minnetrista campaign finance violations alleged against Minnetrista’s mayor, 2 sitting and one past councilmember and leaders of the “Our Minnetrista” organization. A three judge panel heard testimony by all the Respondents and Complainant during an evidentiary hearing that lasted two days (May 7 & 8, 2019) at the Minnesota Office of Administrative Hearings in Saint Paul. Closing statements are due today, Friday, June 7, 2019, and a judgement will follow within two weeks.

Controlling the conversation

puppetsAn observation watching the LWV’s Minnetrista candidates forum: Not a single question posed to candidates mentioned taxes, fees or debt growth. Something else noteworthy is there was NO information online ANYWHERE about the scheduling of the forum. It wasn’t on the LWV events calendar, City of Minnetrista events calendar and doing a search the morning of the event turned up nothing (I’m good at searching). Yet, the room was packed with “Our Minnetrista” people supporting the incumbents. Since when are public forums by invitation only?