Minnetrista poll results are in!

Minnetrista has spokenMinnetrista poll* results are in. The top three concerns of Minnetrista residents polled were:

  1. Conflicts of interest with city contractors and consultants (89.7%)
  2. Wasteful spending (86.7%)
  3. Corruption of Minnetrista political process and history of campaign finance law violations (86.2%)

Below are all the questions showing the top response in each category highlighted. Thank you to all the participants for your “other” comments many of which were too colorful to publish but appreciated nonetheless.

Poll Results

*Not a scientifically conducted random sampled poll


August 6, 2018

Poll results on the golf cart issue show overwhelmingly, by close to a 2:1 ratio, Minnetrista residents do not support a new ordinance requiring golf carts to register and pay for a permit to operate on city streets. My guess is the ratio would be closer to 100:1 if the poll were restricted to golf cart owners. We don’t need another level of bureaucracy simply because a developer (who doesn’t live here) wants it. I hope city council listens to it’s residents tonight.