April 3, 2018

John Tschumperlin was appointed last night on a three to one vote to fill the council seat vacated by Patricia Thoele. Mine was the only dissenting vote solely for the reason that the current council doesn’t have any representation from the southern developing neighborhoods of the city and we had two very qualified candidates from that area interviewing last night. This southern area is where growth is occurring and where we’ve designated new commercial zoning (along Hwy 7). It will likely be the site of a new water tower and treatment plant as well. Mr. Tschumperlin has been on the Planning Commission and will bring that valuable experience to the council and I welcome him and look forward to serving with him. There will be two Minnetrista council seats up for election in November, this one and the seat currently held by Pam Mortenson.

IF YOU’RE NOT IN AGREEMENT WITH YOUR PROPERTY VALUATION: Attend the Local Board of Appeal and Equalization/Open Book meeting at Minnetrista city hall on Wednesday, April 25. Hours are 4pm to 7pm. Call for an appointment: 952-472-0619

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