June 8, 2018

IF YOU THINK YOUR PROPERTY TAX VALUATION IS TOO HIGH you’re likely right and can do something about it…next year. I called the number on our 2019 property tax statement in March to have the assessor come out and they reduced our valuation by $80K for 2019. My neighbors who did the same received a SIX FIGURE REDUCTION! Property valuations go up AND DOWN all the time due to a variety of factors in the marketplace. Unfortunately if you don’t get an evaluation of your specific property the formula used for the entire city will apply and you’ll likely see some big increases. You can call the assessor’s office or come to the open book meeting at city hall each spring to challenge your valuation. Don’t be afraid of the tax assessor. They are generally reasonable and fair, at least in Minnetrista.

More: https://www.americanexperiment.org/2018/06/minneapolis-property-owners-winning-war-tax-assessor/

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