Three Rivers Park District authorized to purchase million dollar property on Little Long Lake

Took a brief respite from blogging after the election and then missed our council meeting Retreat Drive Three Rivers AcquisitionTuesday night because of a virus. I watched the entire meeting on YouTube last night though and was disappointed only one council member, Mike Molitor, voted against Three Rivers Park District (TRPD) acquiring a 17 acre lot on Little Long Lake with a million dollar home on it (which they plan to demolish).  Whalen, Mortenson and Tschumperlin voted to pass the resolution.

TRPD will take this parcel off the city, county and school district tax roles when the sale is complete. Appears the land owner and TRPD have been negotiating this for quite some time.

This property is currently generating over $16K annually in city, county, and school district property tax revenues. $16,000/year x forever is what this decision will cost remaining taxpayers who will have to come up with the difference to cover these lost revenues.

The parcel is currently zoned Ag and can’t be subdivided into less than 10 acre parcels, so even if TRPD didn’t acquire it, it would’ve remained in its current state probably forever. Now that’s a good use of taxpayer dollars isn’t it?

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