Minnetrista’s Financial Management Plan – Not Approved

The city’s long-range financial management plan, showing tax levy increases of 6.46% in 2020 and 7.5% for 2021, was presented to the city council on January 7. I stated I couldn’t support approving a plan with tax levy increases this high and was met with suggestions from staff and mayor not to think of it as a “plan” but only as a “tool” to be used in the future.

rising costsIf it’s not a “plan” why do we call it a “plan?” Future council members will look at this plan and be told that past councils approved it and will tacitly rubber stamp it, continuing the tax levy upward climb.

The only other council member voicing opposition to the plan was Mike Molitor whose concern was the city’s projected decline in general fund reserves.

Bottom line is Minnetrista needs to examine spending and stop relying on tax levy increases or dipping into reserves to cover all its desires.

We ended up not voting on the plan, not because it wouldn’t have passed, but because having a divided vote on something this important isn’t good for appearances.  

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