Things in wonderland are getting “curiouser and curiouser”

aliceThings in wonderland are getting “curiouser and curiouser.”  Interesting find yesterday. The largest contributor to Lisa Whalen’s 2014 mayoral campaign didn’t have an employer listed on her campaign finance report, which seemed odd to me (just listed “education”). Upon a quick google search it was discovered he is currently in a top job with a government agency Mayor Whalen currently represents the city on. He apparently made a contribution for $1,800 to “Our Minnetrista” in September of 2014, which was split three ways between the “Our Minnetrista” candidates.

State law requires candidates to list the employer, or occupation if self-employed, on all donations over $100. The law is meant to prevent conflicts of interest and, hopefully, to deter unethical influence over decisions public officials make in office.

“Our Minnetrista” officials are claiming “good faith” that they didn’t intentionally violate Minnesota’s campaign finance laws and their candidates are claiming the same. I wonder what else we’ll discover as this case progresses.

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