Additional $375 annual check to Watertown Schools? VOTE Nov. 5

That’s how much more someone with a $500K market valuation will pay annually if the revenue referendums proposed by Watertown School District pass in November:

watertown bond referendum

Westonka Schools also have a revenue referendum increasing school spending coming up for a vote November 5 as well. A $500K property would see an annual increase of approximately $121 in that district if it passes.

Both referendums provide for annual inflationary increases for the next ten years.

Watertown School District Voting:watertown voting

Westonka School District Voting:

westonka voting

More information on both school districts’ referendums:

Watertown School District’s referendums

Westonka School District referendum






One thought on “Additional $375 annual check to Watertown Schools? VOTE Nov. 5

  1. The bar chart that displays the Voter Approved Operating Levy Comparison on the Watertown-Mayer School District’s website if very interesting. It shows that the Westonka School District is currently taxing a full $1,087 per pupil per year as opposed to $766 for Rockford, $694 for Lester Prairie, $664 for Dassel-Cokato, $536 for Waconia, $365 for Delano, $71 for Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted, $67 for Watertown-Mayer, $60 for Annandale, $0 for Norwood, $0 for Jordan, $0 for Buffalo, and $0 for Glenco-Silver Lake. How is it that Westonka needs a huge 75.7% increase over 4 years when they are already taking in significantly more than our neighboring school districts? Supt. Kevin Borg has a bit of explaining to do. I will be voting NO! on November 5th.


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