It takes three!

There are three seats in Minnetrista up for election in November: two council seats and the mayor. The Minnetrista council is comprised of 5 people (mayor and four council members). In order for the council to act on a matter it requires a “quorum” of at least three members to agree. Each member has one vote, including the mayor. That’s important to understand because a mayor is helpless to implement policy or accomplish anything without the support of at least two other council members. Please check out council candidates Ann MacGregor and Cathleen Reffkin below:

Ann MacGregor
Facebook: MacGregor for Council @MinnetristaCouncil2020

Cathleen Reffkin
Facebook: Reffkin for Minnetrista City Council @reffkinminnetristacitycouncil

There is one other council candidate, Damian Young, but he doesn’t appear to be actively campaigning.  I’ve seen no evidence of signs, a website or Facebook page for him.

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