Proposal for solar farm on council agenda Monday, Oct. 19, 7pm

I wrote previously about the ground-mounted solar farm proposal here located in Minnetrista on an Ag Preserve parcel on the NE corner of Highland Road West & CR 92. The council has received a number of emails from neighboring residents regarding the proposal. For those wishing to speak at the council’s “Persons to be heard” session Monday night during the virtual meeting (not at city hall) below is the call in information:

To listen live to the Minnetrista City Council meeting, call +1 (872) 240-3212 and enter meeting Access Code 646-482-261 #, or join the meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone by accessing the following:
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It’s not required but will speed up the meeting if those wishing to speak would send their names and telephone numbers (so you can be identified on the call) to our City Administrator Mike Barone, email:

For those wishing to see the information provided to the council on this proposal, the council’s packet can be found here. The proposal agenda item begins on page 49.

2 thoughts on “Proposal for solar farm on council agenda Monday, Oct. 19, 7pm

  1. Hi Ms. Bruce,
    Thank you for addressing the issues that matter to the residents that would be affected on a daily basis. I would be driving by the proposed solar farm off Highland West every day. No fence could hide the blemish on the fields that surround the lakes and line our drive home each day. I have great concern for home values as well, but esthetically speaking, no one LIKES to look at that unnatural blight. The residences being built in the adjacent area requires people to have 10-acre properties. That wish was meant to preserve the beauty of the area, yo prevent overcrowded neighborhoods and developments. With the reputation Minnetrista has for its beauty and peacefulness, horses and tolling hills, I’m surprised there is no precedence being set to limit solar farms to more secluded land that does not affect the enjoyment of all who drive by. Please continue to push back if you can and establish more of what we love so much about Minnetrista.


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