GreenStep Cities vote fails in Wayzata

So far the City of Minnetrista has refused to take a vote on joining the controversial GreenStep Cities program that is promoted by the League of Minnesota Cities and funded by the Met Council. But those that run this program are relentless in pursuing victories for the green new deal utopias they hope to establish throughout Minnesota.

In the video below Wayzata Council Member Alex Plechash sums up his concerns about the unforseen consequences of the GreenStep Cities program that was voted down that night, August 10, 2021, at the Wayzata City Council meeting (Full council meeting video can be viewed here.)

Wayzata Council votes down GreenStep Cities program

The city of Wayzata follows the city of Plymouth in saying no to this program. Metro cities are looking under the hood of the GreenStep Cities program and realizing the costs and loss of autonomy that come with it aren’t worth the recognition award the League of Minnesota Cities gives out to compliant cities at their annual meeting.

The city of Minnetrista should take notes from Counselor Plechash.

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