MGB Endorses Andrew Myers for House (SD45A)

I normally limit endorsements to Minnetrista city council candidates but our State House candidates are vying to represent Minnetrista in the legislature and one of them deserves your support. If you haven’t already met him door knocking, take a look at Andrew Myers’ “Your Backyard” website. You’ll see an experienced public official, attorney, small business owner, father and community leader who cares deeply about his district.

I met Andrew Myers several years ago when we were both city council members from neighboring cities, he from Minnetonka Beach and I from Minnetrista, both serving on the Mound fire board. What I observed there was a servant leader with a commitment to his community.

Andrew isn’t someone that goes along to get along. He’s someone who will stand up for his principles and values even in the face of controversy or conflict. I saw that firsthand when he stood up to pressures from other cities on the fire board and did the right thing for his constituents.

He’ll do the same in our State House dealing with tough issues on crime, inflation, education and more. I hope you’ll join me in voting for Andrew Myers for House District 45A.

Find your polling place and remember to vote on Election Day, November 8!

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