WSB Engineering should be accountable for flawed design, not taxpayers

Last night’s council meeting included a proposal from WSB Engineering for engineering design and bidding services related to the repair of the watermain break in Woodland Cove on Kings Point Road that was temporarily fixed last winter. The construction repair costs are estimated at approximately $78,000 plus the WSB fees for engineering, bidding, and project management.

WSB Engineering should pay for flawed design, not Minnetrista taxpayers.

Councilmember Molitor reminded the council this infrastructure was originally designed by WSB and completed just a few years ago with the start of the Woodland Cove development. He expressed concern that Minnetrista taxpayers shouldn’t have to pay for these repairs caused by what he viewed as a flawed engineering design that led to the watermain break in the first place. He requested that WSB pay for the repairs or negotiate a reasonable settlement with the city.

I wholeheartedly agree. WSB will come back with another proposal next month addressing the matter. Thank you Councilor Molitor for standing up for Minnetrista taxpayers.

One thought on “WSB Engineering should be accountable for flawed design, not taxpayers

  1. Please inquire with WSB and it’s pipe supplier/manufacturer for recovery of cost. This may be an insured loss as the pipe failed prematurely and should be covered by their product liability carrier.


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