Trial testimony uncovers collusion to rig Minnetrista council vacancy appointment

MORE MINNETRISTA-GATE DISCOVERY –  Just when you think it can’t get any worse… The following testimony from the recent campaign violations trial shows us that long before Minnetrista Councilor Patricia Thoele publicly resigned her council seat the end of March 2018, the “Our Minnetrista” political committee members (which included Mayor Whalen and Councilors Mortenson & Thoele) were busy recruiting Thoele’s replacement the previous January. According to trial testimony they invited John Tschumperlin to meet with them in January, keeping Thoele’s pending resignation a secret until the end of March, and then voted Tschumperlin in as her replacement.

Tschumperlin testimonyAll this while inviting residents to interview for the vacancy they had already rigged.

It is a violation of Minnesota’s public meeting law for a quorum (3 or more) council members to discuss city business outside of noticed public meetings.

*There is no relation between Judge Mortenson & Council Member Pam Mortenson



2 thoughts on “Trial testimony uncovers collusion to rig Minnetrista council vacancy appointment

  1. Shannon, Was Thoele at the Jan. meeting, otherwise there were only two officials, as Tschumperlin was not yet voted into office?

    Jerry W.


    1. I would assume Thoele was there because the meeting was apparently to interview Tschumperlin to fill her upcoming vacancy. All three, Whalen, Thoele and Mortenson, were very active Our Minnetrista members involved in directing it’s activities according to subpoenaed emails. During the trial no one could remember who attended anything so selective amnesia was their defense.


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