Minnetrista church offers boxes of hope


As part of River Valley Church’s continued response to Covid-19, they’ve partnered with Boxes of Hope (BOH). BOH is a national campaign to bring hope to the doorsteps of those facing illness, quarantine, job loss, isolation, and fear.

They’ve received 2 semi trucks of emergency relief supplies from Convoy of Hope and have been collecting donations from their attendees over the last two weeks. All of these

built structure against sunset sky

donations will be assembled into boxes that they want to get in the hands of those in need, beginning next Saturday May 16th. A standard box will include staple food items, snacks, and hygiene/cleaning items. A baby box will include those items plus baby food, wipes, and diapers.

Families and individuals in need of assistance can request a box on their website: www.rivervalley.org/hope.

River Valley believes in loving their neighbors and helping out the communities they operate in.

Their hope is these boxes will meet a person/family’s very basic needs in a small way and will bring them hope in a very unchartered time.

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