Minnetrista emergency order

It’s been well over a month since Mayor Whalen issued the 3 day emergency order for Minnetrista that removed council oversight because of the COVID19 pandemic. The night it was declared it was also extended by the city council indefinitely on recommendation of the city’s legal counsel. Back then there were a lot of unknowns that are now known.

We know the projected death rate of COVID19 has fallen dramatically from what original models predicted. We know that the recovery rate is close to 99%. We know that the vast majority of deaths have been in long term care facilities (Minnetrista has none of these) and to date none of our first responders have been infected according to weekly reports the council receives (one is awaiting test results).

So I asked to add an agenda item to our 5/4 Monday council meeting to discuss rescinding the emergency order in Minnetrista. The order can only stay in force until the council votes to remove it. We are all still under the Governor’s stay-at-home order and I questioned the purpose of even having a local emergency order continue since it has essentially not been needed for anything so far.

The answer was that none of the other cities are rescinding their emergency orders and we don’t know what will happen in the future so it should stay in place. So it seems developing powers of clairvoyance is required. We will have another opportunity to discuss it at our next meeting.  www.ShannonBruceForMayor.com

2 thoughts on “Minnetrista emergency order

  1. I have inserted links to WebMD.com where I obtained the information you’re questioning. Let me make something very simple. If only one person contracts a disease and then dies from it the death rate is considered to be 100%. With each additional case and survivor that doesn’t expire, the death rate decreases. That is something most people understand and citing a source for common knowledge isn’t usually required although I’ve provided it for those having difficulty with this concept.


  2. Your article would be more compelling if you offered evidence in support of your data. For instance, footnotes for current and initial estimates of death rate. I have read a lot about Covid-19 and yours is the first time I have seen anyone suggest recovery rate is 99%. Don’t waste our time making unsubstantiated statements of purported fact.


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