Should city of Minnetrista advocate for mail-in voting for general election?

Offering absentee mail-in voting, especially for the elderly or those vulnerable to infectious disease, traveling or physically unable (military) to get to the polls is, of course, legitimate. The city of Minnetrista has taken it to another level, however. City staff last week posted on Facebook the following message advocating that all voters vote by mail in the August primary and the general election which is five months away:

“Starting today, Minnesotans can request an absentee mail ballot for the upcoming August and November elections! To maintain social distancing, the City of Minnetrista encourages everyone to vote absentee by mail instead of in person on election day. ” [emphasis added]

The Minnetrista city council did not issue the statement above. In fact, the city council hasn’t even discussed, to-date, the matter of absentee or mail-in voting. So it was obviously someone on staff that made the post. Upon seeing the post I requested it be taken down immediately, which it was. However, it had a life of over 8 hours and was shared by several people.

There has been much discussion and controversy nationwide over the use of absentee mail-in ballots and the oversight, or lack thereof, of the process that makes it more vulnerable to fraud. The city’s job is to make voting methods available, not to advocate for them, especially with the politically charged environment out there today.


5 thoughts on “Should city of Minnetrista advocate for mail-in voting for general election?

  1. I vote by mail. Voting should be available for EVERYONE. Some do not have means to get to a polling place. Secondly we are in unprecedented times here and for the health of my loved ones I think mail in voting should he advocated for. You have lost my vote with your stance on this. I think the only people scared of mail in ballots are the ones who know they will lose if everyone is able to vote


    1. The post deals with whether a city should promote one method of voting over another. My belief is the city should make all methods known and let individuals determine which one suits them. To advocate or influence voters is not a legitimate role of government, that is, if you believe in personal liberty and limited government (the Constitution).


  2. Thank you for your comments on our city. I do not believe in mail in ballots for everyone! The only mail ins should be from military who are out of state during the election and citizens who like be gone the time of election. Everyone else should go to their polling places to vote! Also I believe in Voter ID being required!!


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