Minnetrista is not a dictatorship. City’s emergency order bypasses spending laws

Minnetrista’s Mayor refuses to rescind her emergency order which allows her, singlehandedly, without council approval, to “execute any agreements, contracts and related documents regarding the local emergency…” Minnetrista has just received over $579,000 in federal funds to be used for coronavirus relief. Your city council should determine how these funds are spent, not just the Mayor. We have elected representatives on the council to represent you. Minnetrista is not a dictatorship unless you allow it to be.

We heard plans at our last council meeting for these funds to be used for purposes that conflict with the fund rules. With the Mayor’s emergency order in place those plans don’t need council approval. This is unacceptable.

I made a motion to revoke the emergency order at our last council meeting because it has not been necessary for a single action taken by the city since it was invoked over four months ago (motion died for lack of a 2nd). An emergency order can be invoked at any time, if an emergency is imminent, by the Mayor, so there is absolutely no reason to let this continue. Let your council know you want the order revoked: lwhalen@ci.minnetrista.mn.us; mmolitor@ci.minnetrista.mn.us; pmortenson@ci.minnetrista.mn.us; jtschumperlin@ci.minnetrista.mn.us

Emergency order (page 31) provides: “City staff is authorized to enter into agreements and contracts necessary for the procurement of materials, equipment, and services required to respond to the local emergency.” and “The Mayor and City Administrator are authorized to execute any agreements, contracts, and related documents regarding the local emergency necessary to implement corrective action relative to the local emergency to protect the health, safety and welfare of the City and the community.”

Send a message to revoke Minnetrista’s emergency order and return council oversight of all city spending to Mayor Whalen, Council members Molitor, Mortenson and Tschumperlin below: lwhalen@ci.minnetrista.mn.us; mmolitor@ci.minnetrista.mn.us; pmortenson@ci.minnetrista.mn.us; jtschumperlin@ci.minnetrista.mn.us


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