Design flaw to cause Minnetrista north water treatment plant to shut down for 2.5 months

Minnetrista’s Public Works Superintendent Gary Peters explained to the city council last night that a “design error” in the construction of the city’s north water treatment plant will cause the plant to be taken offline while the Sunnyfield water tower is refurbished which is estimated to take approximately 2.5 months. “The north water treatment plant will be shut down during this process.”

north water treatment plant interiorMr. Peters further explained “It was a design error that did not get looked at when the plant was built, so unfortunately we will be without treated water on the north end. It’s either that or they’ll have no water. I think they’ll understand when they hear what the alternative is.”

We were informed the timing on this is to be within the next 2 weeks and the city will notify residents affected. Mr. Peters further commented referring to himself and contractors involved in the oversight of the plant: “We’re not water gurus….it would’ve been nice if someone had thought about it.”

I agree. It would’ve been nice. Perhaps this is a reason Minnetrista needs it’s own staff city engineer as I’ve proposed on numerous occasions.

Below is the audio file of the discussion from last night:

It was further clarified that the water will have chlorine added but will not go through the water plant filtering process. Residents will receive a notification explaining the timing and details on the matter soon.

2 thoughts on “Design flaw to cause Minnetrista north water treatment plant to shut down for 2.5 months

  1. Told you so – certainly have had the last laugh on this situation. That is what you get when you hire an incompetent engineering firm. WSB. They lied, they financed an election, they were caught conspiring to drive up costs of their services by agreeing to not compete fairly in the marketplace with other engineering firms. Bet the Laker doesn’t publish this information.


  2. Several things.
    1- if they claim the water meets standards without going through the treatment plant then why did they build it?
    2- I can appreciate social media, but my elderly neighbors deserve to know what’s going on and I request that the city sends a letter, very specifically explaining the issues.
    3- is the water safe to drink, cook with, bathe in???
    4- so who designed this treatment plant? Sounds like someone did not understand the scope of the project. What does it cost to correct the issue?


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