Minnetrista COVID 19 Emergency Order Terminated

We can all breathe a sigh of relief. Minnetrista is a panic zone no longer. Five months no panic zoneafter Minnetrista’s COVID-19 emergency order was invoked and following many contentious discussions debating its necessity, usefulness, purpose and length, it was finally terminated after another lengthy discussion at the August 17, 2020 council meeting where staff continued to recommended its continuance.

Listen below to the motion to terminate (1.40 min):

No actions have been taken by the city, since the emergency order was invoked, that would have required the order. No anticipated actions, that had any reasonable probability of occurring, could be identified as well. Despite this staff continued to advocate for the order’s continuance Monday night but the motion to terminate did eventually pass in a surprising 5-0 vote, effective immediately.

Readers can listen to the full discussion here starting at about the 2 hour mark.


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