The street where I live

In reading Minnetrista’s “Council’s Corner” this morning covering our meeting last Monday, August 17, 2020, I noticed two things: 1) it mentions nothing about the city’s COVID-19 Emergency Order being terminated nor the discussions about spending CARES Act funds or Internet service improvement, and 2) it reports that, Fielding Trail, the street where I live, was added to the 2020 Overlay project.

Council's corner 8-17-2020The 2020 Overlay project originally included all the connector roads to Game Farm Road (Sterling Drive, Retreat Circle, Game Farm Circle, and Fielding Trail). All these property owners had been assessed large amounts for the paving of Game Farm Road several years ago and are all still making assessment payments for several more years. Because these roads were deteriorating, and if ignored would soon require reclamation meaning another large assessment, it was determined to try to extend their life with an overlay.

When the engineering estimates came in higher than anticipated in the spring the council decided to drop Fielding Trail from the project. When the city received the actual bids from contractors, however, they came in low enough that Fielding Trail could be added back to the project without going over budget.

I abstained on the vote to add Fielding Trail back to the project for obvious reasons but it was passed with all the other council members’ approval.





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